Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am Cat

I am God, said the cat
Lying on my back
Absolute relax
Idle-claw stretching
Stretching idle-claw
I am Queen, said the cat
All this world is mine
In Summer heat sublime
Soft-paw preening
Preening soft-paw
I am Rule, said the cat
Warm stone underneath
Flesh food at my feet
Play-flesh teasing
Teasing play-flesh
I am Death, said the cat
Lightening attack
Live bird on your back
Flower-bird breathing
Breathing flower-bird
I am Bird, said the bird
Miraculous escape
Fresh sun on my face
Flower-bird soaring
Soaring flower-bird
I am Cat, said the cat
Rising to my feet
Bare stone underneath
Dry-food waiting
Waiting dry-food

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